Caryl Haxworth on the Web

Here are some other places you will find Caryl Haxworth and Charms Of Light on the World Wide Web!:

Charms Of Light ~ Healing is where you will find all my creative endeavours in the form of healing jewellery and gifts.

Charms Of Light Blog offers information about healing with little snippets of my thoughts & the occasional website update!

Angel Messages is a weekly angel message which is either channelled, or given to me through an oracle card reading.

Gemstone Jewellery by Caryl is a pictorial of jewellery creations.

Natural Healing Energies - My Squidoo page of information about different healing energies.

Healing Gemstones - My Squidoo page of information about different gemstones and their healing properties.  You can also see this info on the Charms Of Light website in Gemstone Properties.

Healing Jewellery - My Squidoo page of information about jewellery and healing.

Caryl's Cooking Creations is my new blog about cooking creatively.

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