Hi, I'm Caryl

Caryl Haxworth ~ Intuitive Life Coach & Energy HealerI AM just me! I was born in Australia and have lived in many places around the world from the USA to Malaysia. In 2006, I settled in Buckinghamshire UK, along with my husband and three wonderful children.

I am a very spiritual person and have been guided by my Angels ever since I can remember. They have helped me understand and live with my intuitive skills, which I now use in everything I do. I have always had a natural affinity to natural healing energies and for many years, before I had even heard of Reiki, I used my 'healing hands' to help people. When I did discover Reiki, I was living in Malaysia at the time and remember thinking, "Wow, this is the type of healing I've been doing all these years!" It seemed only natural that I should learn the Usui Reiki technique and in 2004, I became a Reiki Master. Along with my intuitive spiritual guidance, I have been using Reiki and many forms of energy, both personally and in my work, ever since.

Much of the healing work I do is by giving Angel card readings. I am also a Certified Angel Card Reader. Whilst I am guided by my own Angels, being able to help pass on your own Angels' guidance, and answers to your questions, is also a blessing.

Over the years, as my own intuitive gifts have grown, so has my work. My Charms Of Light - Healing website was born in 2004. It came about from my love of gemstones and the wonderful healing energies within them. Being a creative person, I just had to combine Reiki with the healing power of gemstones to create pieces of jewellery that each became beautiful "charms of light"! Since then, Charms Of Light has grown into an industry that provides healing products and services around the world.

There comes a time when we must step out from behind a name we've created and emerge as who we are. Charms Of Light was perfect for what I started and it will continue to provide healing products wherever they are needed. However, I also need to be WHO I AM because I know that I'm here to help you find WHO YOU ARE. Helping others open up to their own natural intuitive abilities, as well as being in a position to help people with healing and moving forward in their lives is a blessing. I absolutely love what I do and with the guidance of my angels and spirit guides, I hope to continue for a very long time. :)

Love & Blessings,